Aquabot Spirit Robotic Pool Cleaner

Meet The Aquabot Spirit

How do you change the robotic pool cleaner game irrevocably – and up the stakes on sheer value? You’re looking at the answer. The Aquabot Spirit reflects the robotic pool cleaner expertise that has been developed over the last 30 years. The Spirit delivers high efficiency and class-leading features that go far beyond anyone’s expectations. The all-new Spirit is the new inground and above ground pool cleaner that uses a powerful 24-volt motor to do more with less.

Spirit Features

Lightweight TwinBody Chassis

For incredibly easy filter access and maintenance, the patented TwinBody™ design makes regular filter maintenance a breeze.

NEW 360° Anti-Tangle Swivel

New for 2016- The Anti-Tangle Swivel delivers peace of mind that your new pool robot will do the job without suffering from the dreaded spaghetti cord tangle.

Best Value in Pool Robots

With an MSRP starting at $447, it's easy to see how the Aquabot® Spirit™ is shaking up the pool robotics market, unparelled performance at an unmatched price-point.

Better Water Circulation

With better water circulation you can greatly reduce your pools reliance on chemical additives, lowering your pools expenses and leaving you with peace of mind.

Dual Ultra-Fine Filtration

The Spirit's refined dual filtration system filters particulate down to 2 microns in size, capable of removing more debris than comparable pool cleaner models.

Best-in-Class 2 Year Warranty

The Aquabot Spirit is simply the best robotic cleaner value available today. Along with that comes a 2 year limited warranty unmatched in the sub-$500 cleaner category.

Spirit Pool Cleaner Chasis

Let's Be Open

with the Innovative TwinBody Chasis

The Innovative TwinBody™ Chassis finally makes it easy to gain access for cleaning and maintenance. The engineers cleverly split the chassis in half and provided easy access to everything with the simple push of a button. There’s no need to turn the cleaner upside down. No need to fuss with trap doors. In just one second, it’s possible to remove the upper section for wide open 360 degree access to the filters. You’ll find not one, but two oversized filter bags. Traditional cleaners with difficult to access filters are a thing of the past. Cleanup is now quick and easy.

Pool Cleaner Anti-Tangle Swivel

New Anti-Tangle Swivel

Unlike all other robotic cleaners in the price range, Spirit is the world’s only value price cleaner to feature a genuine 360 degrees anti-tangle swivel. Say goodbye to tangles.

The brand new Anti-Tangle Swivel delivers peace of mind that your new pool robot will do the job without suffering from the dreaded spaghetti cord tangle. We designed the swivel to spin free 360 degrees without restrictions. Now you can spend more time relaxing and less time fussing with tangles.

Superior Design

In robotic cleaners, weight is an enemy of efficiency. In our engineers’ quest to make the Spirit as light as possible, the concept of lightweight unibody architecture was born. The result is a robotic pool cleaner that’s amazingly lightweight, sturdy, and amazingly efficient.

Powerful 24-volt DC Motor

Housed in the top section of the cleaner where it drives dual impellers, the powerful 24-volt DC Drive Motors are mounted for optimimum efficiency.

Lightweight Chasis Design

The best foundation for performance begins with an all new, lightweight chassis. High-strength reinforced plastic body offers stability and balance without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

NeverStuck™ Obstacle Guidance System

Where other pool robots will simply wander, Spirit will actively avoid all obstacles and pool installations that could potentially hinder performance.

Dual Impeller High-flow Jet Propulsion

The Spirit’s powerful jets dislodge and free more dirt and debris, efficiently circulating up for 85 gallons per-minute giving you a clearer, cleaner pool.

dual impeller propulsion system

Dual Impeller High-flow Jet Propulsion System

Conventional wheeled inground and above ground pool cleaners employ complex mechanical linkages to distribute power from the motor to all four wheels. This sacrifices efficiency and reliability. In contrast, each Spirit robot is jet driven allowing for a lighter, smaller and more efficient design than its direct driven wheeled counterparts.

Enhanced Dual Filtration

Best-in-class filters handle more dirt and debris than any other cleaning method. Two oversized filter bags capture fine particles and contaminants down to 2 microns in size. Dual bags allow you to get in more cleaning cycles before having to clean the filter bags. The top-loading filter bags are easy to remove and clean in seconds.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Dual Filtration
high efficiency pool cleaner

Industry-leading Efficiency

The Aquabot Spirit not only cleans your pool better than ever before, but saves you money while doing it. Suction side cleaners operate off of your main pool pump, adding to your energy costs and putting additional strain on the pump. Pressure-side cleaners require a booster pump and consume even more power. The Aquabot inground and above groundrobotic pool cleaner uses a separate, low-voltage power supply, using only 180W, delivering major cost savings. The result is a cost savings of up to 90% of traditional pool cleaners.

In fact, with the lightweight, energy efficient design of the Aquabot Spirit, each cleaning hour costs less than a nickel. And money isn’t the only thing you’re going to save. Worry-free, automated cleaning means you’ll save perhaps the most important thing of all: time. So now you can go enjoy your sparkling clean pool.

Aquabot Spirit Specifications

  • Most powerful motor in the industry – up to 85 GPM
  • Dual impeller high flow jet propulsion system
  • TwinBody™ Innovative Chassis for easy access to everything
  • NeverStuck™ Obstacle Guidance System
  • New for 2016 - 360° Anti-tangle Cable Swivel
  • Better circulation reduces chemical demand
  • Ultra-fine dual filters for 2 micron filtration
  • Easy clean top access filters
  • Multi-cycle cleaning programs (1 or 2 hour)
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • MSRP starting at only $447
Pool Type: All Pool Types
Cleaner Type: InGround and Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner
Pool Size: up to 60 ft.
Shape: All
Surface Type: All Pools (Wheel kit available for tile and fiberglass)
Method of Propulsion: Hydro-Robotic Jet Propulsion
Wall Climbing: Partial with 6" Radius
Filter Loading: Top Loading
Filter Type: 2 Ultra-fine Bags (2 Micron)
Cable Length: 40 ft.
Timer - Auto Shutoff:
Warranty: 2 Years
Gallons Per Minute: 85
Cost of Operation $0.05 (per cleaning)
Cleaning Time Programs: 1-2 Hours
Filter Capacity: 190 (2x95) Cubic Inches
Voltage Power Supply: 120 VAC/60Hz
Watts: 150W